Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hello All

Well, I finally bit the bullet and decided to post my thoughts in a cohesive rambling via the 10+ year old blogging medium. Most posts will be original thoughts on tech news, television, or other general topics of interest. Some will be re-postings of e-mails with others (given their permission of course) and the rest will be links of interest.

Recently I have been trying to expand my knowledge in web applications and hosting both for personal and business reasons, including switching from GoCrappy (err GoDaddy) to HostGator (5 stars), installed Gina Trapani's ThinkUp ( or @ThinkUpApp), and various other small html/php applications. It is amazing what is out there and how easy it is compared to the days when we had to code everything with HTML tags in notepad!

My next project will be redesigning both my personal and business web sites using newer technologies on a better host. As well as finding my way back to a set schedule and being a Productive Professional.